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June 2024

Updated: May 29

Have a Great Summer!


Now, I’m not saying goodbye. There will be lots of stuff going on at St. Ansgar/Zion this summer, but our schedules really do change. All of us are more mobile over the summer months. So, if I don’t see you much over the next several months, “have a great summer!”


I have a summer idea for you: Consider making it your goal to bring a friend or neighbor to church this summer. Most people need an invitation. Did you know it takes the average person two years to settle on a church home? That means many take longer. Just think how many people are moving into our community. They need an invitation. We have great things happening here! Great programs, great music, tolerable preaching. So many in the community are barely aware we exist. What they need is an invitation. I am confident that most people will like what they find. Our church is a warm and welcoming place. It doesn’t matter if your invitee joins us or not, what matters is they have the chance to see what a great place we are. Why not consider it your goal to bring a friend or neighbor to church this summer?


Here’s another summer idea. Because of the changes summer in the Midwest brings, summer brings what many churches call, “the summer slump.” The summer slump is a drop in attendance and financial giving because of the busy summer schedule many of us keep. The extra traveling and visiting we do causes us to miss Sunday morning worship at times. We miss not only the church service, but sometimes also our giving. So, churches often feel the financial crunch in July and August. Don’t change your travel plans. Go have fun!, but please remember that the church operating costs remain the same throughout the year. Many people mail in their offering when they are gone for a weekend. Others have decided to use digital giving, or automatic withdrawal. It is a great way to take the slump out of the summer. Call the office if you would like information on ways to support the church when you are not able to come in person.


Have a great summer!


With the Greatest of Hope

Pastor Erika

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