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About Us

Our beautiful neighborhood church is located on the southside of Waterloo.

We are 130 years young, and still learning to follow in the steps of Jesus.

We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

We worship every Sunday at 11:00am

When we say all are welcome, we actually mean it!

Our Story

One hundred and thirty years ago, a group of Danish emigrants who recently moved to Black Hawk County were moved by the Holy Spirit to establish a church to call their own. For the first generation, they worshipped in an existing church on "Church Row", but their dreams of a place to call their own grew.

In 1950 they dedicated a new building at the corner of Hawthorne and West 11th. The church grew both in numbers and in mission and ministry to their neighbors. In 1955 an education and administration wing was constructed.

St. Ansgar continues to be a place where people are invited to assemble in prayer, fellowship, worship, and in service - within and beyond our walls. A place for people to belong, and know they belong.

Joy should be at the center of our faith.

- Pastor Erika 

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe we are all sinners. It is not good behavior, the strength of our convictions or the correctness of our beliefs which saves us, but only the grace of God. The people of St. Ansgar are committed to sharing God's love and forgiveness by welcoming and serving all people.

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What about the boat?


In our sanctuary, a boat hangs from the ceiling signifying a Danish tradition in which the church, like a ship, carries us through life's stormy seas to eternal life through Christ.

Our Staff

Rev. Erika E Breddin
Tina Varney
Office Administrator
Elaine Hammer
Director of Music

We Would Love to Welcome you to St. Ansgar!

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